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When you purchase green power, you have two choices -- Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or Green Supply. For an explanation of RECs and Green Supply, click here.

Because Renewable Energy Certificates displace dirty power, they can offset the climate impact of any activity you choose, including driving and flying.  To offset all your carbon emissions, select a provider from the REC list below, and visit its "carbon calculator."  To change your home electricity account, choose from the Green Supply list below.

-- Options and Purchasing Information

Bonneville Environmental Foundation "Green Tags"

  • Represents current wind and some solar in the Pacific Northwest

  • Certified by both Green-eTM and Climate CoolTM

  • Costs a 2 cent premium* per kWh

  • Use promo code "MEIC06" to make your purchase

Community Energy "New Wind Energy"

  • Represents current wind in the Mid-Atlantic grid

  • Certified by Green-eTM

  • Costs a 2.5 cent premium* per kWh

NativeEnergy "Wind Builders"

  • Helps generate future wind in the Midwest

  • Certified by Climate CoolTM

  • Costs a .85 cent premium* per kWh or $12 per ton of C02

  • Native American majority owned

* Because RECs are a separate transaction from your electricity account and utility bill, this price reflects additional cost to your monthly statement. 

Green Supply -- Options and Purchasing Information

Maine Clean Power

  • 100% low-impact hydro from Maine

  • About 11.5 cents per kWh (price varies)

  • Contract required

Maine Clean Power Plus

  • 80% low-impact hydro from Maine, 20% national wind power

  • About 12 cents per kWh (price varies)

  • Contract required

To sign up, go to www.energymaine.com/mresignup/

    →  Click on “Signup Now” under "Step 3"
    →  Select Central Maine Power or Bangor Hydro customer
    →  Fill out and submit the form


Questions?  Call the Maine Green Power Connection

To print our "How To" guide, download the printable PDF version.

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