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  • State to back renewable power effort
    WMTW Channel 8 TV-- Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    Story aired on 6:00 PM Evening News. Link to “Clean Energy Maine” website on www.WMTW.com followed

  • Mainers asked to buy cleaner electric energy
    WCSH Channel 6 and WABI Channel 2 TV - Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    Story aired on 6:00 and 11:00 Evening News. Link to “Clean Energy Maine” on www.wcsh6.com followed.

  • Maine boosts renewable energy
    Kennebec Journal – Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    “The state is lending its support to a campaign starting today aimed at increasing the sale of electricity from renewable power sources in Maine…” [Full text no longer available online].

  • State seeks more ‘green’ energy users
    Portland Press Herald – Tuesday, September 14, 2004.

    “Officials are backing a campaign that begins today to sign up more homes and businesses…” [Full online text requires fee].

  • Maine's 'green' power alternatives become more plentiful
    Kennebec Journal Sunday - May 23, 2004

    "The Maine Green Power Connection, a Brunswick non-profit group, has played a key role in convincing Colby College in Waterville and Unity College in Unity to switch to environmentally-friendly sources of energy. ..." [Full text no longer available online]

  • Green Electricity for Clear Air, Healthy Lungs and a Secure Future
    Mainely Sierran (newsletter of Sierra Club/ Maine Chapter) - April-May, 2004

    "Green electricity from Maine Interfaith Power and Light gives you a real choice for protecting our environment, safeguarding our health and securing our energy independence. ..."

  • Maine campuses go green to stay clean
    - April 28, 2004

    "Often at students' insistence, colleges are increasingly choosing clean energy sources. ..." [Full online text requires registration and fee]

  • College of the Atlantic commits to investment in wind power
    Portland Press Herald - April 23, 2004

    "The College of the Atlantic observed Earth Day by signing two contracts Thursday committing the campus to using electricity generated by wind power. The college will buy 100 percent of its electricity through renewable sources for the next 20 years. ..." [Full online text requires registration and fee]

  • Maine colleges tout green, wind energy
    Bangor Daily News - April 23, 2004

    "College of the Atlantic signed two Earth Day contracts Thursday that commit the college to a long-term use of wind energy for its electric power. Two days earlier, Bangor Theological Seminary announced that it was backing a wind power project to offset its campus electricity consumption. ..." [Full online text requires registration]

  • It's not that easy being green
    Lewiston Sun Journal - March 30, 2004

    "Twenty-nine years of professional dedication to Maine's environment have taught Erika Morgan to expect some sighing, sneering and snickering. ..." [Full text not available online - contact Erika at MeGPC for a hard copy]

  • Unity College Goes 100% Green Power
    Unity College - February 3, 2004

    "It used to be hard to be 'green' - no longer. At Unity College, they put our money where their mouth is. Unity College is the first college in Maine to transfer 100% of all their electricity purchases to 100% green power. ..." Read more »

  • Geography, energy needs fuel air pollution debate
    Brunswick Times Record - January 29, 2004

    "Judy Berk, spokeswoman for the Natural Resources Council of Maine in Augusta, said that individuals can take steps to reduce air pollution. She has adjusted her lifestyle to both save energy and cut down the amount of air pollution connected to her life. She recommends that Maine households purchase what is called 'green power,' or electricity generated from non-polluting sources, through Maine Interfaith Power and Light." ..."

  • Letter to the Editor: Clean green energy
    Brunswick Times Record - January 23, 2004

    "A major milestone for Maine passed quietly on Dec. 29 at 6 p.m. when 10 million kilowatts of clean green electrical power had been used by Mainers. ..." Read more »

  • Green Power Update [PDF]
    Interface Fabrics Newsletter - January 12, 2004

    "In March of 2003, Interface Fabrics Group announced plans to annually purchase 2,500 wind-generated Green Tags for five years from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). The 2,500 tags are equivalent to the MWh of power used to manufacture one million yards of Terratex fabric annually.. ..." Read more »

  • Clean Air: The Trekkers' Final Frontier [PDF]
    Trek Flash 2004 - January 2004, Vol. 5, No. 5

    "The American Lung Association of Maine is proud to be a charter member and customer of the Green Power Connection. ..." Read more »

  • Wind energy benefits available to Mainers
    Bangor Daily News - December 23, 2003, page 5

    "The credits, also called 'green tags,' will be marketed under the name First Wind of Maine, representing the first time Maine residents have been able to directly support the construction of new, zero-emission wind turbines in Maine."

  • FirstWind of Maine Renewable Energy Credits Available for Purchase [PDF]
    Endless Energy Corporation - December 16, 2003

    "Maine-based wind energy company Endless Energy Corporation (EEC) and Maine Interfaith Power and Light (MeIPL), an electricity aggregator, have announced that Maine consumers can now buy the environmental benefits of wind power from Maine's first wind turbine. ..." Read more »

  • "Green" Electricity is Colby's Latest Environmental Initiative [PDF]
    Colby College - November 3, 2003

    "A commitment to purchase only electricity generated from renewable, more environmentally-friendly sources and all coming from within Maine is the latest environmental initiative on the Colby College campus, and it's one that already has had a stimulating effect on the market for 'green' power choices, experts say...." Read more »

  • Maine's First Wind Turbine Powers "Green Wedding"
    The Castine Patriot - September 25, 2003

    "Smog, acid rain, global climate change-these weren't on the guest list for the Kathy Belyeu/Matt Clouse wedding September 13, 2003, at Trinitarian Parish Church in Castine, in what is believed to be Maine's first green-powered wedding. ..." Read more »

  • It's Easy Being Green [PDF]
    Mainebiz - September 1, 2003

    "Green power has come to Maine,and with it the potential for the state’s manufacturers to brand their goods as produced with renewable energy. ..." Read more »

  • Editorial: Maine should increase green energy choices
    Kennebec Journal - Monday, March 31, 2003

    "Legislative insiders say that next week will be renewable energy week at the State House. ..."

  • Maine Kicks Off Green Power Campaign
    SolarAccess.com - Friday, March 21, 2003

    "Mainers are making the connection between energy independence and green electricity in increasing numbers. ..." [Full article requires registration]

  • Editorial: Green Power
    Bangor Daily News - Thursday, March 20, 2003

    "The best part about Gov. John Baldacci's announcement Monday encouraging Maine citizens to buy renewable, local power is that switching is easy. ..." [Full article requires registration]

  • Power Play [PDF]
    Mainebiz - Monday, March 17, 2003

    "Backers of a new environmentally friendly electric plan see added value in green energy. ..." Read more »

  • New plug for Maine: Go 'green' for power
    Portland Press Herald - Monday, March 17, 2003

    "A coalition of roughly two dozen organizations and businesses will announce a statewide 'green' power campaign today aimed at switching 5 percent of the state's electric market - 60,000 customers - to renewable energy by 2008. ..." [Full text no longer available online]

  • Group aims to switch 5 percent of state to green energy by 2008
    Boston Globe - Monday, March 17, 2003

    "AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) Green energy advocates hoping to convert 5 percent of the state's electricity customers to renewable power by 2008 planned to kick off their campaign Monday. ..." [Full text no longer available online]

  • Group’s aim is 5 percent green energy by 2008
    Bangor Daily News - Monday, March 17, 2003

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