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February 3, 2004

Unity College Goes 100% Green Power

It used to be hard to be "green' - no longer. At Unity College, they put our money where their mouth is. Unity College is the first college in Maine to transfer 100% of all their electricity purchases to 100% green power. "Green power" comes from renewable energy generators, many of which are in Maine.

"Being America's Environmental College, we need to do all we can to promote sustainable options", says college President David Glenn-Lewin. "Our students took a leadership role in researching alternatives and lobbying for positive change on campus. Faculty, staff and students worked together in committees, classes and clubs to bring about this change in electrical options. This electricity product is a clear win-win: it's renewable, very low emission, it comes 100% from Maine and it didn't break the bank. We thought it made sense for all of our electricity, from every account we have."

Assistant Professor Mick Womersly explained, "We chose to purchase from Maine Power Options because we feel they have the best mix available in Maine. We'd like to encourage them to review the possibilities for buying wind power, and to make certain their biomass comes from sustainably managed forests. We're really pleased to be able to buy this energy product."

Womersly added, "Environmental stewardship is part of Unity College's mission. We have signed a commitment to prevent climate change by cutting our greenhouse gas emissions. We want to support clean, renewable sources of energy with our electricity dollars. We want to exhibit, teach, and model sustainable behavior for the campus and wider community. For all these reasons, we have tried to find the most economical, educational and environmentally sound ways to provide green power on the Unity campus."

Unity College Vice President for Finance Roger Jolin reported, "Unity spends about $100,000 per year on electricity. Because we care about the environment, and are willing to put our purchases where our beliefs are, it only made sense to buy electricity that comes from more environmentally friendly sources."

"Unity has been working hard to examine the many ways we impact the natural environment around us. This purchase will reduce the greenhouse gases for which Unity is responsible by 27.7%, or 644,000 pounds per year," said Womersly.

"We are delighted that Unity has chosen to switch their electricity 100% to "Made in Maine" green power", said Erika Morgan, program manager for the Maine Green Power Connection (MeGPC). "As an environmental college, Unity understands that every 10M kWh of clean, renewable electricity creates the same NOx reductions as taking 1,000 cars off the road for a year. We applaud their green power leadership and look forward to working with them to challenge more Maine schools to clean the air with green power". The Maine Green Power Connection assisted Unity's purchase through presentations to students and faculty on the many green power options available in Maine.

Unity College, America's Environmental College, is a small, independent institution that specializes in baccalaureate programs in environmental sciences, natural resource management, and wilderness-based outdoor recreation. Unity College educates its students for professions that are dedicated to sustaining the earth's natural resources and for citizenship in a world of global, human and environmental concerns.

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