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Welcome to “Clean Energy Maine”, a statewide campaign to introduce Mainers to clean electricity from renewable resources.

What is “clean energy”? It’s electricity without pollution. Electricity from renewable resources—like the wind, the sun, small dams and Maine’s trees.

Clean energy has environmental and health benefits. It also has economic and security benefits. Clean, homegrown energy from renewable resources reduces demand for expensive and often-imported fuels like oil and natural gas.

What are my clean energy choices? Clean electricity comes in two forms:

  • Certificates support clean electricity generation anywhere in the United States. Often called Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or “green tags,” certificates help keep a renewable energy generator in business and cause a traditional fossil-fired plant to cut back. Certificates are purchased in addition to your electricity bill—nothing on your bill changes.
  • Green supply. Since 2000, Maine’s electric utilities have delivered electricity to our homes yet have not generated that electricity. Today, Maine consumers can choose electricity from any generators they wish – including those using clean, renewable resources.


Buy green supply for your home or small business.
Buy green supply for a larger entity.
Buy certificates now.

Where does clean energy come from?
Why would I want to buy clean energy?
Who in Maine is buying clean electricity?
A: lots of folks
B: some notable folks
C: more notable folks
What is electricity choice, and how does this all really work, anyway?
What clean energy products are available?
Help! Too many product choices- I can’t figure out which is right for me.
How do I know how much clean energy to buy?
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