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Green Power: Buying Guide

The price of green power reflects the social and environmental benefit of generating electricity from renewable sources with less pollution.

Power Basics

When you buy green electricity, you are paying to ensure that the electricity going in to an electrical grid is generated from clean and sustainable sources. You still remain connected to the grid, and there is no difference in the electricity you take out of the grid.


Customers with electricity accounts in Maine may buy green power from a competitive electricity supplier.


Anyone can buy renewable energy certificates, which represent the environmental benefits of green electricity generation.

On-site Generation

On-site generation is an option to supply a portion of your electricity - an option that is totally under your control. With battery storage, it may also provide power for critical needs in case of a power outage.

For More Information

Need to know what green power products are available in Maine? See our Product Menu.


MeGPC Supporter Endless Energy Corp. owns and operates this 50-kW turbine, located at G.M. Allen & Son blueberry processors in Orland, ME. Renewable energy credits from this turbine are available through the Maine Green Power Connection.

Photo by Jason Huckaby

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