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Product Green Tags
Supplier name Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Address/location 133 SW 2nd Avenue, Suite 410
Portland, OR 97204
Short history The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) was founded in 1998 to support watershed restoration programs and develop new sources of renewable energy. Funding for these efforts has been provided in a way that would be called unusual for most foundations. BEF, a not-for-profit organization, markets green power products to public utilities, businesses, government agencies and individuals.
Philosophy The Bonneville Environmental Foundation is a charitable and nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to encouraging and funding projects that develop and/or apply clean, environmentally preferred renewable power and acquire, maintain, preserve, restore and/or sustain fish and wildlife habitat within the Pacific Northwest.

BEF's "Green Tags" is a certificate product.

Sources 99%+ wind, up to 1% solar, in WA, OR and WY.

All BEF products support new renewable energy generation, whether wind, solar or other future projects.


Green Tags are available at all times to all purchasers.

Product certifications

BEF "Green Tags" certificates are Green-e certified. However, the reseller in Maine, Maine Interfaith Power & Light, is not Green-e certified.

Emissions rates

BEF Green Tags are themselves zero-emission. In addition, by virtue of their grid location, BEF's projects help offset CO2 emissions in areas otherwise heavily dependent upon coal.

Other benefits

In addition to the public health and social benefits from zero-emission wind generation, wind turbines use less than 5% of the land area for electricity generation than do other generation facilities. This small "footprint" allows more productive land to be used for other purposes (e.g., farming, recreation, etc.).

Price per block


Price per kWh 2 cents/kWh.
Billing options BEF Green Tags are available in Maine for purchase by check through Maine Interfaith Power & Light.
Notable contract terms None.
Special features

Purchasers of Green Tags through Maine Interfaith Power & Light may be eligible for a tax deduction.

"Green Tags are the best because..."

BEF's Green Tags are a wonderfully innovative product. Now anyone, living anywhere can buy green and support new renewable energy. Throughout the world of renewable energy, BEF is known for being highly innovative, focusing on product integrity, and reinvesting all net revenues back into additional environmental progress.

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