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Supplier name Constellation NewEnergy
Address/location 800 Boylston Street, 28th floor, Boston, MA 02199
Short history Constellation NewEnergy (www.newenergy.com), a member of Constellation Energy, is a leading supplier of electricity, natural gas and energy-related services. Constellation NewEnergy serves more than 8,000 commercial and industrial customers throughout 31 states and 3 Canadian provinces and representing more than 9,000 megawatts of peak load and more than 300 billion cubic feet of annual natural gas consumption.
Philosophy To offer energy products and services that enable customers to effectively manage and control energy costs. CNE also provides customized solutions to achieve additional control and savings through energy efficiency, load management and other specialized services
Form/features CNE Maine Made Renewable provides renewable supply for electricity customers with aggregate demand over 100 kW.
Sources 50% from biomass facilities and 50% from small hydro facilities.
Locations 100% located in Maine.
New This product comes 100% from existing facilities.
Availability Available to any customer in Bangor Hydro or Central Maine Power territories with aggregate demand of 100 kW or greater.
Product certifications None.
Emissions rates Emissions will be disclosed per Maine disclosure rules.
Other benefits This product benefits Maine renewable energy generators. It also reduces emissions from facilities in New England, which benefits Maine’s airshed.
Price per block Not applicable.
Price per kWh Prices vary according to each customer's size and energy usage.
Billing options Billing via existing monthly bills.
Notable contract terms Contracts specify a fixed price per kWh. Pricing may include on- and off-peak pricing, and may be available for any duration from one to five years.
"This product is the best because..." CNE's products provide the best mix of environmental responsibility and benefit to Maine generators, all at a reasonable price.

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