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Endless Energy Corporation

Supplier name First Wind of Maine
Endless Energy Corporation through Maine Interfaith Power & Light
Address/location 57 Ryder Road, Yarmouth, ME 04096
Short history Endless Energy Corporation (EEC) was incorporated in Maine in 1987. It has experience with all facets of wind energy, with particular emphasis on the development of new projects in Maine and Vermont.
Philosophy EEC's mission is to help build an environmentally and economically sustainable energy future, through the use of clean, zero-emission wind energy.
Form/features FWM tags are a certificate product.
Sources 100% from new wind.
Locations 100% in Maine. The turbine providing FWM tags is located at G. M. Allen blueberry processors in Orland, ME.
New 100% "new". This turbine was built in 2001.
Availability While any customer may purchase FWM tags, available quantities are very limited.
Product certifications None.
Emissions rates Zero emissions are produced by wind power.
Other benefits Purchases of this product help support the development of new wind facilities in Maine.
Price per block $20 for a block of 500 kWh.
Price per kWh 4 cents/kWh
Billing options FWM tags are available for purchase by check through Maine Interfaith Power and Light.
Notable contract terms None.
"FirstWind of Maine is the best because..." "FirstWind of Maine" tags represent the first opportunity Mainers have had to express their support for new, zero-emission wind power from Mainer generators.

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