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Product MPO MaineMade
Supplier name Maine PowerOptions
Address/location 3 University Drive, P. O. Box 2268
Augusta, ME 04338
Short history A program of the Maine Health and Higher Education Facilities Financing Authority and the Maine Municipal Bond Bank, MPO was created to provide educational support and lower energy prices to Maine non-profits. Participation is open to all governmental units and non-profits in Maine.
Philosophy MPO aims to increase the buying power of Maine non-profits through education and lower energy prices. Hospitals, campuses, municipalities and other non-profits of all sizes may participate. The one-time membership fee is waived for entities that spend less than $25,000/ year on electricity.
Form/features MPO MaineMade is a renewable supply product.
Sources 50% from small hydro and 50% from biomass facilities.
Locations 100% located in Maine.
New This product comes 100% from existing facilities.
Availability Available to non-profit CMP & BHE medium and larger accounts. Small accounts may be included for customers over 100kw peak. Similar products are available for MPO members in northern Maine and would be custom priced.
Product certifications None.
Emissions rates The emission rates for this product varies by the amount of biomass in the customer’s mix, and is disclosed on the Disclosure label. Please contact MPO for specifics.
Other benefits This MaineMade product benefits Maine renewable energy producers as well as Maine’s environment.
Price per block Not applicable.
Price per kWh 0.68 c/kWh above the market price of the underlying commodity electricity at the time of the customer's contract.
Billing options Billing via existing monthly bill.
Notable contract terms Contracts specify a fixed price per kWh, and may be available for 12-48 months duration. Products can also be custom-blended to match customers' green requirements and financial parameters.
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This green product helps Maine non-profits pursue their environmental objectives at reasonable prices, while supporting the Maine economy and the environment.

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