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Maine Renewable Energy
Product MRE Clean Power
Supplier name Maine Renewable Energy (MRE) and Maine Interfaith Power and Light, Inc. (MeIPL)
Address/location MRE is located at 148 Middle Street, Portland, ME 04101
Short history

Maine Renewable Energy is an affiliate of Competitive Energy Services, Maine’s largest retail broker of electricity. Competitive Energy Services ("CES") is a broker serving over 700 Maine commercial and industrial companies. MRE and MeIPL partnered to introduce green supply to Maine in January 2003.


MRE & MeIPL have built a strong partnership on behalf of clean, renewable energy in Maine. This product represents both the continuation of that partnership and another significant step forward in MeIPL’s mission to support electricity that has “the least possible adverse environmental effect.”


Maine Clean Power is a renewable supply product.


This product is 100% hydro from the first hydro facility in Maine to be certified as “low impact” by the Low Impact Hydro Institute.

Locations 100% located in Maine.

This product comes 100% from existing facilities.


Available to residential and small commercial accounts in CMP & BHE territories.

Product certifications

This product is drawn from a facility certified by the Low Impact Hydro Institute and will therefore meet the standards for Green-e certification.

Emissions rates

No emissions will be created by this product.

Other benefits

This product demonstrates that hydro facilities can be good stewards of fisheries as well as clean air.

Price per block

Not applicable.

Price per kWh 8.5 c/kWh

N.B. Prices for this product are confirmed when the customer signs a contract and will remain fixed for the duration of that contract. Prices for new contracts, however, may change. Please check MeIPLís website to confirm pricing.
Billing options

Billing via existing monthly bill.

Notable contract terms

The contract term for this product is 36 months from inititation of contract.

"Maine Clean Power is the best because..."

This green supply product is the easiest option for Maine residential and small commercial customers. By paying through your bill, there is no second payment, and the environment wins with every kWh you buy.

"OK, Iím ready to buy..."

For further information, visit MeIPLís website or or call MeIPL at 721-0444.

Maine Renewable Energy
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