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Product WindBulders
Supplier NativeEnergy
Address/location P. O. Box 539, Charlotte, VT 05445
Short history NativeEnergy brings the investment of its WindBuilderssm members to the development of new wind facilities. Following successful completion of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Wind project (completed in early 2003), the US's first large-scale Native-American owned /operated wind turbine, NativeEnergy's customers are now helping finance Phase 2 of the Rosebud Tribe's wind development initiative. Other Midwest wind farms and farm methane projects in Pennsylvania are available.
Philosophy NativeEnergy LLC's deep concern for climate change and the environment comes with an equal commitment to social and economic justice. The company always targets its investment to "the next" new wind and renewable generation projects, and focuses on Native American, family farmer, and small business-owned projects.

NativeEnergy offers a full line of "climate neutral" certificate products to enable WindBuilders members to pick the size of the investment most comfortable for them. All products represent a specific share in the future capacity of a new Native American and/or family-farmer owned wind project. WindBuilders 6, 8, and 12 household programs each offset the CO2 emissions for which an average US home is responsible:

  • WindBuilders 6 = offsets the electricity of an average car or apartment for 1 year;
  • WindBuilders 8 = offsets the electricity of an average home or 1 SUV for 1 year;
  • WindBuilders 12 = offsets the electricity and heat of an average home or 2 cars for 1 year.

NativeEnergy also offers WindBuilders 1, a 1-ton CO2 gift option, WindBuilders Business Program and its Vermont and Pennsylvania CoolHomesm, an offset product supporting Vermont and Pennsylvania renewables.

Sources All NativeEnergy WindBuilderssm products are backed by 100% new wind farm projects in the Midwest US. CoolHomesm helps build new farm methane generators.
New All NativeEnergy products help finance specific new renewable energy projects to ensure that new environmental benefits are created.
Availability All WindBuilders and other NativeEnergy products are available at all times; participation in specific projects may be limited by construction and/or availability.
Product certifications All of its wind-based CO2 offsets are eligible for inclusion in an offset portfolio certified by the Climate Neutral Network. Also, as a licensed certifying agent of the Climate Neutral Network, NativeEnergy certifies customers at the 6, 8 or 12 levels as well as household and small business users of the SafeClimate Carbon Calculator as "Climate CoolTM."
Emissions rates All WindBuilders products are themselves zero-emission. In addition, by virtue of their grid location, NativeEnergy's Midwest projects help offset CO2 emissions in an area that is otherwise heavily dependent upon coal, which enhances the actual CO2 benefit per kWh.
Other benefits In addition to the public health and social benefits from zero-emission wind generation, wind turbines use less than 5% of the land area for electricity generation than do other generation facilities. This small "footprint" allows more productive land to be used for other purposes (e.g., farming, recreation, etc.).
Price per block

NativeEnergy WindBuilders products are priced according to the amount of CO2 they displace per year, starting at $10/ton.

  • WindBuilders 6 = $60/ year or 17 cents/day
  • WindBuilders 8 = $80/ year or 22 cents/day
  • WindBuilders 12= $120/year or 33 cents/day ($11/month).
Volume-based pricing is available to WindBuilderssm business customers.
Price per kWh The effective rate for WindBuilders products is $8.50 for 1,000 kWh or roughly 0.85 cents/kWh.
Billing options Credit card purchases are possible. Long-term agreements with monthly billing options are welcome but not required.
Notable contract terms WindBuilders members may be eligible for a tax deduction if their purchase of WindBuilders certificates is donated to the Maine Green Power Connection or another 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.
Special features Purchasers of WindBuilders 6 and above are recognized on a commemorative plaque mounted at the wind turbine(s) they support.
"WindBuilders is the best because..." NativeEnergy has a full product line, with a climate-neutral offering for every budget. In addition, not only are these purchases tax deductible if desired, but purchasers have the added satisfaction of knowing that they are helping Native American and other small-scale wind farmers build facilities that might not otherwise be possible.

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