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The use of green power in Maine's business sector has been steadily growing, as more and more companies have seen how easy it is to make an environmental contribution. Here are just a few of the notable green power purchases that have been announced in the last year. Visit our "Green Powered" Directory to find many other businesses in your area that are investing in clean air for Maine.

Interface Fabrics Group, Guilford -A division of the pioneering Interface Inc., Maine's own Interface Fabrics Group (IFG) has always set a high environmental standard. Its use of green power as both an environmental imperative and a market-building strategy has blazed a new trail for businesses:

  • First, branding fabric with the Green-e logo -- In March 2003, IFG announced its purchase of 2,500 Green-e certified Green Tags from Bonneville Environmental Foundation. This purchase allowed one million yards of IFG's Terratex™ fabric to bear the Green-e logo. By January '04, IFG considered this Green-e branding strategy a success: "Purchasing Green-e certified green tags has not only strengthened Terratex's environmental image, it has further distinguished IFG from its competition…. Plans for 2004 include purchasing additional Green Tags to certify another 1 million-plus yards of Terratex".

  • Next, 100% corn-based fabric, also Green-e branded - In February '04, IFG and its partner AllSteel announced the introduction of office panels using IFG's Green-e branded Terratex fabric, this time with both 100% renewable energy and 100% corn-based, biodegradable fabrics. According to AllSteel's marketing manager Patricia Mace "Everyone appreciates the fact that the(se) PLA fabrics have the same properties as traditional fabrics… yet the environmental impacts of petroleum extraction are completely avoided. We look forward to enhancing our offerings in this category in the years to come."

Interface Fabrics Group, Guilford

Russell French Photography, Portland - Russell French's business description captures the pleasure of doing something well. "As a food photographer, I love the visual feast of food, its color, texture, contrast and beauty. I am deeply interested in the connection between our food sources, the environment and consumers. Look out into your farmer's fields, the sun's shining and the plants are drinking it in, converting it to energy for you and I to enjoy…. I'm here to help clients make that visual connection - on location or in the studio. That's my job and I love what I do."

  • Why "green powered"? "We are all part of the web of life, and yet we also live in this complicated modern world. As a consumer of electricity, reducing the amount of carbon I am responsible for is a personal goal, at home and at work."

  • Business priorities. "Overhead matters, and as a business owner, one has to choose priorities. The benefits that I see with green power outweighed the $15-20 per month in extra cost. Local, renewable power that protects our environment, our families and future generations is a good deal for everyone - tell your friends!"

  • Helping, how? "Many people are not aware that this choice exists, and would act if they knew more facts. If someone asks about the green power sticker on my door, I share my thoughts about the importance of local, renewable power from Maine".

russel french photo of vegtables

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