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American Lung Association of Maine, Augusta - A recent study released by the Asthma Regional Council identified Maine as having the highest rate of childhood asthma in New England at over 13%. This new study has caused the American Lung Association of Maine (ALA-ME) to increase its estimate of the number of Maine children with asthma from 20,000 to 28,000. An expressed goal of the Board of American Lung Association of Maine (ALA-ME) is to ensure that, "the air we breathe will not cause or worsen lung disease." To that end, ALA-ME supports an approach towards the continual improvement of the outdoor air that focuses on pollution prevention ALA-ME's switch to Green Supply from Maine Interfaith Power & Light and Maine Renewable Energy to power its headquarters in Augusta is a meaningful step in meeting the organization's goal.

  • Cleaner air means better health outcomes. Purchasing electricity from clean, renewable sources improves air quality and, thereby, improves health outcomes for Maine's residents. "Our summer air pollution episodes cause preventable problems for everyone, but children with asthma are particularly at risk. Our advocacy activities aimed at healthy transportation and energy policy will benefit everyone, including children with asthma," comments Edward Miller, CEO of the American Lung Association of Maine.

  • Commitment to being part of the solution. "Preventing disease and promoting health is the foundation of public health," says ALA-ME's Miller. "Green power is an inexpensive and immediate way to improve our air quality. As a founding member of the Maine Green Power Connection, we call on all of our colleagues in public health and health care organizations to sign on."

American Lung Association of Maine, Augusta

American Lung Association of Maine switched to Green Supply to power its headquarters in Augusta.

York Hospital, York - In March 2003, York Hospital became the first hospital in Maine to purchase all of its electricity from renewable hydropower and biomass sources in the state. Working through Maine Power Options, York Hospital became Constellation NewEnergy's first 100% renewable contract in Maine. York Hospital recognizes the importance of prevention to promoting good health among the residents of the communities it serves.

  • An ounce of prevention. "Nothing is more important to us than the health of our patients," states Stephen Pelletier of York Hospital. "We believe that the health of the environment very much affects the health of each and every one of us. We are committed to doing everything we can to contribute to good health in the communities we serve and this is one big step in that direction. (This) is why York Hospital has been increasingly focusing its attention on environmentally sensitive ways to enhance its services."

  • Leading by example. "We selected green power because we're a health care facility and we believe in making purchasing decisions that will improve the health of Maine citizens and be beneficial to Maine's environment," comments Clark James, Facilities Specialist at York Hospital.


i ALA-ME press release, "New survey finds Maine with the highest childhood asthma rate in New England: Over 28,000 Maine children with the disease." January 30, 2004.

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