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Maine's attraction as a tourist, summering, or retirement destination is due in large part to our substantial pristine, natural resources. Travelers attracted to such natural resources also make choices that favor environmentally friendly options. A recent study by the Travel Industry Association of America asserts:

  • One third of all travelers are influenced by a travel company's efforts to protect the environment.

  • 58.5 million Americans say they will pay more for a travel company that strives to protect the environment.

  • For 17 million Americans, the environment is at the top of their mind when selecting a travel company.1

These lessons can be applied to destinations as well as travel companies. In the summer of 2005, Maine hosted the first national conference on ecotourism, and is seeking ways to capture this market -

Distinguish your town as an eco-destination and purchase green power. . .

Maine's Greener Christmas Trees Bring Holiday Cheer

With the help of the Maine Green Power Connection, both Portland and North Yarmouth cleaned up 100% of the emissions generated by their Christmas tree lights by purchasing green power.

Portland and North Yarmouth are among the first towns in Maine to use green power. By doing so, they are acknowledging a civic responsibility to protect the health of their people and the environment. Their actions help spread the word about electricity choice, and support a renewable, homegrown economy. With their green trees, North Yarmouth and Portland set an example for the State of Maine.

1Travel Industry Association of America, Media and Communications "New Survey Shows Americans Willing to Pay Higher
Costs for Travel Services that Protect and Preserve the Environment." October 8, 2003. URL: http://tia.usdm.net
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